What are the primary types of criteria used to analyze learners?

ASSURE Model is an Instructional System design process that was modified to be used by teachers in regular classroom. There are six step which the teachers and trainers can use to design and develop the most appropriate learning environment for their student.

Analyse learners is one of the six step in ASSURE Model. Before we start, we must know our target audience. In this situation , our audience is our student. We need to analyse and write down the relevant information about our student. In analyse learners, there are four primary types of criteria being used. The four primary types of criteria being use are Identify learners , General Characteristics , Specific Entry Competencies and Learning Style.

First criteria is Identifying Learners. This step is to specifically define the audience.  We must know the learners since we are to select the best strategiest to meet the objectives that we have set. It is related to the question of who are your students? While this seems to be common sense , but this step is important to mention because keeping our students in mind will help to ensure that we can work diligently to find materials and resoures that will be most appropriate and useful to students.

General Characteristics is the second criteria. This is description of the class as a whole. It includes such information as the number of students, region, grade, age, ethnic group, sex, mental. Emotional, physical, social problem or socioeconomic level. It can help teachers to select the method or materials of teaching according to characteristic of their students.

Third criteria is Specific Entry Competencies. This criteria tell  us , the types of knowledge expected of the learners. It is include prior knowledge, skill and altitudes. As a teachers, we must ask question to student. For example, do the learners have the knowledge base required to enter the lesson? Do the learners have the entry competencies and technical vocabulary for this lesson? Have the learners already mastered the skills you are planning to teach?

The last criteria is Learning Style. It preferences of the individual members of the class. It can be include verbal, logical, visual, musical or structured. Students have their own learning style. Knowledge of learning style can help teachers to write the lesson plan.

Conclusion , four criteria of analyse learners is the good process for teachers the do their work. It can make our learning easy and can help student to achieve their goal.


D.I.Y of Blackbird Jet Fighter

Learning Objective

  1. To study the shape and of of the object.
  2. To identify the materials and tools that suitable for making the object.
  3. To analyze suitable waste material for create the plane.
  4. To develop the creativity and psycho-motor  while making the object.


  1. Plastic bottles
  2. Aluminum can
  3. Card board


  1. Cutter
  2. Scissor
  3. Hot Glue Gun
  4. Masking Tape
  5. Marker Pen
  6. Acrylic Color
  7. Brush

The tutorial will be in 2 video in which part 1 and 2. So, enjoy the tutorial!


Here is part 2……



Digital Disruption

Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) have stated that digital disruption as an effect that changes the fundamental expectations and behaviors in a culture, market, industry or process that is caused by, or expressed through, digital capabilities, channels or assets.

As for education purposes, digital disruption should be evaluate by developing skill in handling and applying new or invented technology and media in order to be able to thrive in the era of digital disruption.

Educator also need to determine to cope with the digital disruption so that they would be able to implied an up-to-date method to engage in their teaching process.