Eight Principles of Effective Instruction

1. Review of Previous Lesson

Lecture should begin with making review of last session in which this process would enable teachers to attract students attention towards learning session on that day besides gaining students ability to memorize previous topics by making review or recalling information.

2. Clear and Detailed Instruction

A clear and detailed instruction along with explanation by the teachers could make the content be more understandable for each students in which this can lead the information received successfully.

3. Be Structured

Instruction should be give accordingly or ‘step-by-step’. This will ensure the understanding besides gaining the ability of students to cope with the learning sessions so that the instruction would be able to delivered effectively.

4. Increase Communication

Communication between teachers-to-students and students-to-students was a must in order to create an active learning. Moreover, students will automatically builds their language skills by practicing interaction in real-life situations.

5. Scaffold Instruction

Teachers act as the facilitator for their students along the learning journey. Furthermore, guidance from the teachers was important to ensure the students could explore the lesson effectively and this also would build their skills of listening to instruction.

6. Provide More Times for Explanations

This is to ensure that each students was keep on track during the learning process besides making them able to get better understanding towards the lessons. In addition, some subjects such that classified as mathematical and scientific streams requires more explanations from the teachers.

7. Reinforced

Provide more practice or exercise as ‘practice makes perfect’. Reinforcement become a must in order to gain students abilities and sharpen their skills in many fields. Furthermore, teachers should provide motivation for their students so that they would be more motivated besides helping in boost their self-esteem.

8. Asking Feedback

It was crucial for teachers to asking response from the students in order to check their level of understanding towards the topics. Besides that, the teachers also would be able to determine their method or approach of giving instruction so that correction could be made for betterment in the future learning session.




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