Similarities & Differences Between Principles of Effective Technology and Media


Both technology and media are the main approach for 21st century learners in which it had become a required method in teaching and learning process.

Other than that, teachers should be able to conduct this new medium as an approach of teaching besides being able to facilitate their students during the implementation of this new medium.

In addition, teachers also must ensure the engagement of students with technology and media in learning process so that they will able to managing this new method of learning and as a result they would be able to make use of it in their future life.


Technology required the knowledge and capability in handling tools in technology in order to vary the method of learning. Virtual learning or online learning is one of the example of the usage of technology as a new platform for education purposes. The implied of technology in education would help in creating modern approach of learning process.  
Media allowed the various use of virtual medium such as video, website, audio and also visual image that can be access through online. The usage of vary media can create an interesting approach of teaching besides creating excitement in learning process.
Both technology and media was implement for each other in order to create effective learning approach so that educator could achieve the required goals for 21st learners.

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