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Differentiate the terms of instruction, teaching and technology.

Instruction is a instructor giving an order to receiver and otherwise transfer of learning from one person to another. In context of education, it is teacher transfer the information to students and tell how to do something that they should know. It is also like giving a direction to someone else

Teaching is one person have a knowledge and expertise in curtain area taught to another. Teaching comes with two ways such as student-centered and teacher-centered. Education nowadays required teachers to implement student-centered approach in which it require the involvement of all students in practically or using psycho motor activity.

Technology is combined of machinery and equipment that can ease human work. For example email. E-mail is a new ways for sending a information or message that far away from use. We did not need to write it on paper and send it cross the country use a vehicle. The technology is useful for use nowadays. Anything will be ease with technology.